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    This blog has now moved to Please jump across to the new site for the latest articles (and all old archived articles).



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Basics – nsrlic

Posted by Preston on 2009-04-28

One question that commonly comes up is “how do I get details of used licenses?”

The easiest way I find for this is the command line utility nsrlic. Run without any options, it’s only partially useful; run with a “-v” option for verbose mode, it becomes a lot more informative.

For example, here’s nsrlic output from a lab server:

[root@nox ~]# nsrlic -v
connecting to nox ...
12116:nsrlic: License Summary:
66441:nsrlic:  Available: sv=26, virt=0, ndmp=0
64047:nsrlic:  Borrowed:  sv_borrowed=0
66442:nsrlic:  Remaining: sv=2, virt=0, ndmp=0
69792:nsrlic: Connected Clients:(24)
 aralathan archon arcweld asgard delphi djwmp faero grumpy hammer loki mallet nazgul nimrod nox pan rhltst1 rhltst2 rhltst3 rhltst4 rhltst5 rhltst6 spanner thor valhalla
12128:nsrlic: NetWorker Module for Oracle on Linux: Available=1, Remaining=0, Used=1

                     Available: 26
                          Used: 24
             Loaned to Virtual: 0
                     Remaining: 2
             Connected Clients: aralathan, archon, arcweld,
                                asgard, delphi, djwmp, faero,
                                grumpy, hammer, loki, mallet,
                                nazgul, nimrod,
                                nox, pan, rhltst1,
                                rhltst2, rhltst3, rhltst4,
                                rhltst5, rhltst6, spanner,
                                thor, valhalla;

                     Available: 0
          Borrowed from Server: 0
                          Used: 0
                     Remaining: 0
             Connected Clients                              
                     Available: 0
                          Used: 0
                     Remaining: 0
             Connected Clients                              
                           AIX: 0
                  Digital UNIX: 0
                         HP UX: 0
                        HP MPE: 0
                         Linux: 13
                       NetWare: 1
             Network Appliance: 0
                 IBM DYNIX/ptx: 0
                           SGI: 0
                       Solaris: 2
                         SunOS: 0
                      UnixWare: 0
             Windows NT Server: 2                              
                           DOS: 0
                     Macintosh: 4
                          OS/2: 0
                  Windows 3.1x: 0
                    Windows 95: 0
        Windows NT Workstation: 2
                       UX/4800: 0
                        Others: 0

               Defined Clients: belle;
          PRE-5.0 CLIENT TYPES                              

NetWorker Module for Oracle on Linux
                     Available: 1
                          Used: 1
                     Remaining: 0
             Connected Clients: delphi;

As you can see, there’s a lot of useful information in this report. For a start, you can see the report is broken into several sections, namely:

  • Initial output – provides a quick summary of all hosts that have some license allocated to them;
  • Standard client licenses – details for standard client connection license usage;
  • Virtual client licenses – details for virtual client licenses (I’m fairly certain this is new to 7.5);
  • NDMP client licenses – details for NDMP license usage;
  • Server/Cluster client licenses – details for clusters and servers;
  • Workstation client types – details for workstations;
  • Pre-5.0 Client types – any older clients;
  • Application Licenses – per (installed) module breakdown of hosts using application modules.

Each section gives clear details of licenses in use; for licenses that are allocated to individual clients, the actual “connected” (allocated) client details are provided when run in verbose mode. This allows you to quickly see what clients have access to which licenses.

What’s useful about nsrlic is that it aggregates and summarises licensing regardless of whether it’s occurring in NetWorker, in License Manager, or a combination of the two. Thus, you don’t have to go checking in diferent areas depending on your license allocation.

Tip: nsrlic can be run with a ‘-i’ option for interactive mode, where it behaves somewhat like nsradmin. While there’s little extra information available here than just running with the other command line options, it’s regardless useful to know.


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