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Basics – mmpool

Posted by Preston on 2009-05-13

The utility mmpool is one of those lesser used utilities in NetWorker that you may not necessarily know about, nor would you necessarily always need to use it, but it’s handy to know about it.

Similar to the more well known mmlocate utility, mmpool is designed to list pools on a NetWorker server, and for any pool, list the volumes in that pool. It also has some more “dangerous” options in that it can delete all volumes in a pool, but thankfully it will prompt you about each volume, so you can’t just go blindly destroying media database entries.

The two options I find most useful with mmpool are:

  • -L – List all pools
  • -l pool – List all volumes in the nominated pool.

For example:

# mmpool -L
Staged Clone
PC Archive Clone
Indexed Archive
Indexed Archive Clone
Default Clone
Archive Clone
PC Archive
To review all the volumes in the pool ‘Staged Clone’, you would run:
# mmpool -l "Staged Clone"
volume     pool
Clone.001  Staged Clone
Clone.002  Staged Clone
Clone.003  Staged Clone
Clone.004  Staged Clone
Clone.005  Staged Clone

Again, mmpool is not a utility you’ll find yourself running every day, but it is useful to have available.


2 Responses to “Basics – mmpool”

  1. Have you ever used this, for example, to figure out which pools are valid for a certain group? That’s one of those pieces of info that seems to be hard to find. Pls forgive me if you have already written about it.


    • Preston said

      I don’t believe mmpool will help you with that.

      If you’re only using group based selection for pool usage, you can find this out relatively simply by nsradmin; otherwise, if you have additional criteria that helps select which pool is to be used, you can still use nsradmin, but there’s more effort involved as far as determining what is definitely going to “catch” data.

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