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NetWorker 7.4.5

Posted by Preston on 2009-08-15

I received an automated alert from PowerLink overnight telling me that the release notes for NetWorker 7.4 had been updated. Having downloaded the updated release notes this morning, I can see that there’s information in there about an (as yet unreleased) NetWorker 7.4.5. This is not uncommon – sometimes the release notes for NetWorker in PowerLink has been known to be updated with details of new versions for up to 1-2 weeks before the downloads hit.

Obviously at this point I don’t have the opportunity to test out 7.4.5 given I’m not yet able to see it in downloads. I have to imagine though that it’s somewhat similar to, the last cumulative patch build that I received from EMC. There are around 3.5 pages worth of fixed bug notes in the release notes, which seems to mean that it not only includes all the cumulative patch updates, but a swag of other updates as well.

As per usual, it’s reassuring to see a bunch of bugs for which I’ve had patches delivered for my customers appearing in the fixed bug list – EMC is certainly making a lot of improvements in eliminating issues that repeatedly crop up in successive versions!

I’ll do a new posting once I’ve had a chance to download and test out 7.4.5, but certainly on the basis of the fixed bug lists (and the very minimal “known issues and limitations” list), this may be a promising update to the 7.4 tree.

[Edit – later the same day…]

NetWorker 7.4.5 has now appeared in PowerLink for downloads. I’m going to kick off a few key platform downloads today and start testing over the coming 48 hours.


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