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IDATA Tools v4.1 out now

Posted by Preston on 2009-09-14

I’m pleased to report that IDATA Tools v4.1 is now available. This new version features a host of updates, including but not limited to:

  • New utilities:
    • mediafree – Designed for use in VTL environments, this utility allows you to free up media within VTLs on the basis of all savesets on individual volumes (a) exceeding a user-nominated time since generation, and (b) having clones in all user nominated pools. This can be run interactively or automated using command line options.
    • backup-report – Designed to produce and email a daily report of all backups generated the previous day, delivering for each backup the client, saveset name, size, start and finish time, pools and volumes written to. This can be delivered in one of CSV, HTML or Excel format, with HTML and Excel format including totals, etc. While the default execution is for the previous day, the actual timeframe can be user specified. A sample HTML report covering weekend backups on a lab server can be seen here.
  • Reporting enhancements:
    • Various utilities have been updated to support non-US date formats as a configuration option.
    • Utility recyclable-volumes now has an option to report recyclable volumes by location rather than pool; for “lights out” style environments this allows quick checks of available media per jukebox. Additionally, sites that make use of the NetWorker location field will be able to quickly see what volumes in external storage have become recyclable as well.
  • Configuration and documentation enhancements:
    • Core utilities that require configuration file setup now include a -H help option which produces a sample configuration class; this sample class can then be copied and pasted into the configuration file and adapted to suit local needs.
    • Some previously included features were inadequately documented; these have been corrected.
  • And of course, reported bugs have also been fixed.

For more information on all the utilities in IDATA Tools, check out my original post on them, Turbocharged Administration with IDATA Tools, and the announcement for IDATA Tools v4.

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