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Gotchas for disparate versions of NMC and NetWorker

Posted by Preston on 2009-09-15

A few days ago a customer was having a rather odd problem. They’re currently running NetWorker 7.3.3 and getting ready to jump directly to NetWorker 7.5.1, but to do so they wanted to first run up a NetWorker 7.5.1 server and confirm current client types, databases, etc., will backup without issue*.

So the customer installed NetWorker 7.5.1 on a new Linux host, created some devices and pools, but then encountered a particularly odd problem when they went to create the clients. NMC would allow them to fill in all the properties for the client, but when they clicked OK in the new client dialog box, nothing would happen. No errors were produced, but nor were any clients actually created.

When they raised this with me I was a little puzzled for a few minutes, then asked if they were using the NMC that comes with NetWorker 7.5.1, or the NMC that comes with 7.3.3 and had just added the new server to the control zone.

The answer was that the control zone for the existing NMC that came with NetWorker 7.3.3 was just extended to include the 7.5.1 server.

For pools, devices and groups this was not a problem – these were all successfully created on the 7.5.1 server using the 7.3.3 NMC. However, when it came to clients, it wouldn’t work.

The reason is quite simple – as new features and functions are added to NetWorker over time, different fields within a configuration resource may or may not become mandatory. Some of the time this is obvious, because we’re required to fill in certain fields – e.g., client names, schedules, etc. However, in other instances, NetWorker has predefined defaults that it slots into place if a value isn’t entered – e.g., parallelism, priority, browse/retention time, etc. Just because defaults are put into place however doesn’t mean that fields are any less mandatory – it’s all about allowing you to create resources quicker.

So, what’s all this got to do with differing NMC/NSR versions? In short, everything!

You see, what happened for this customer is that between NetWorker 7.3 and 7.5, there has been a raft of client based functionality added – e.g., data deduplication, support for defining a client as being virtual, etc.

Undoubtedly some of these new features have mandatory values – so that if the server is probing details for the clients, it can safely request say, dedupe status or virtual status without worrying about getting an (undefined!) style response. Each version of NetWorker is “aware”, via base configuration, what fields must be supplied when creating a new resource, and thus, the scenario for this customer would have been:

  1. Fill in client properties in NMC 7.3.3
  2. Attempt “client create” 7.3.3 -> 7.5.1.
  3. The 7.5.1 server reviews the proposed client resource and,
  4. The 7.5.1 server rejects the proposed client resource as not having all the mandatory fields filled in.

Should NetWorker/NMC have provided an error to explain what was going wrong? Undoubtedly that would have been good, and I’d suggest that NMC/NSR should be able to better communicate resource creation/update failure in these circumstances. However, that being said, the fundamental problem remained the same – the version of NMC in use couldn’t create new clients because it wasn’t supplying all the mandatory details to the more recent version of NetWorker.

In many small sites, the NMC server and the NetWorker server are on the same host, and are thus upgraded in lock-step. However, for sites where the NMC server is installed on another host, this is a valuable lesson – unless you have a very valid reason, don’t run a version of NMC that matches an earlier version of NetWorker than the current server version. It may work (mostly), but if it does fail, it’s unlikely to be immediately obvious why it’s failing.

* This is what I’d call an excellent upgrade policy – you can read the release notes until they’re 100% memorised, but nothing quite beats actually running up your own test server.

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