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Fingers Crossed for some New Years Resolutions from EMC

Posted by Preston on 2009-12-15

Over at Storagebod’s Blog, Martin Glassborow has been providing a highly interesting and entertaining set of letters to Father Christmas, which I’d highly recommend reading.

So in the spirit of Martin’s postings, I’m going to do a slight variant – here’s a few things that I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for that EMC will provide us in NetWorker in 2010.

Dear EMC,

Could you please add to your NetWorker New Years Resolution the following items?

  • Windows 2008 Service Pack 2 support as soon as possible!
  • Improvements for ADV_FILE devices:
    • Savesets can spill over from one disk backup unit to another should the first become full.
    • Better rotation/selection method for devices/volumes.
  • Tapes:
    • Ability to query the “offsite” mminfo flag.
  • Cloning:
    • Inline cloning (simultaneous clone + original generation).
    • Fixing the “validcopies” flag!
  • NetWorker Management Console:
    • Manual client backup and recovery operations integrated into the console.
    • Manual module backup and recovery operations integrated into the console.
  • Resources/Configuration:
    • Ability to rename clients (and other resources).
    • Syntax for including another directive within a directive.
    • PIDs for nsrmmds stored within the device resource for easy viewing.
  • Operations:
    • Client GUI manual backups to support pools other than Default.
    • More granular savesets.

I could think of a bunch of other enhancements, but these are the ones I’m hoping most are on your new years resolution list for NetWorker in 2010. I’m hoping I don’t have to put any of these on a wish list for your 2011 new years resolution list.

Thanks, and have a happy new year!

Preston de Guise.


2 Responses to “Fingers Crossed for some New Years Resolutions from EMC”

  1. Johannes said

    Hi Preston.

    The item on Server 2008 SP2: Did you meand Server 2008 R2 thats based on the same core as Windows 7? That version is currently not supported by EMC. Server 2008 SP 2 is based on Windows Vista core and is supported by EMC.

    I would want to see everything you mention. I also think of few more things.
    – a more granular security configuration
    – some way to easily notice backup activity on clients (started by the NW server).Nsrwatch give you to much info in my oppinion.
    – possibility to restart a backup of a saveset (not from beginning) that prematurely stopped.

    I could think of few more things. Fortunatelly on year 2009 we have seen great improvements on NetWorker. One of those things is your blog.

    Regards, Johannes

    • Preston said

      Hi Johannes – ah yes, sorry, I meant R2, not SP2 – Microsoft’s versioning system has a lot to be desired. I’m certainly hoping we’ll get some of these features in 2010 – though unfortunately, I wouldn’t hold my breath for nsrwatch on Windows, I think that’s still only got a very small chance of happening. Though I do have a little project in mind on that front myself…

      Thankyou for the feedback on the blog, through yours and others comments, I’m glad to hear that it’s been helping so many people.

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